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Default Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft vers 1.0

Originally Posted by pancake View Post
Round #2 (57) ILB Mychal Kendricks California

This is the best video on him that I found. He wift on several tackles and got swallowed up by OL several times, but this guy does hustle, just not sure he is 2nd round material...

I agree. I think he is a guy with huge "potential", but potential doesnt always pay off.

Originally Posted by devin7558 View Post
I agree with all those points for the most part. Personally I see NT as a much bigger need and so is OG/T simply to keep ben healthy for these next 5 years so we can keep contending. Ball games are won in the trench's. I would not mind seeing them use a pair of picks on those spots early in this draft. The problem is that we are so cap-strapped we need depth all over the place.

I think something worth noting is that back when the steelers selected Hampton in 2001 he was rated the #8 DT on kipers list. so the general consensus (outside of cowher and colbert) is he was not a 1st round type guy that year. we may see another NT selection that goes that way as well.
Not exactly true. I remember that draft vividly and there was a lot of talented DT's on that list. Gerard Warren, Marcus Stroud, Richard Seymour, Kris Jenkins, Shaun rogers, Ryan Pickett, etc. Hampton was a late 1st rounder, in a group with a lot of talent and probably the best NT on the board at the time.

Mel Kiper also said the Steelers would regret not taking Chad Pennington over Plaxico Burress in the draft............................dont always trust Kiper is the learning point there.
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