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Default Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft vers 1.0

yeah, that 2001 draft was very deep with DL talent...i remember seeing hampton graded anywhere from a late late 1st rounder to a possible early third rounder but a lot of that was based on scout preference as it usually is...

I always heard Colbert /Cowher saw Stroud and LB Dan Morgan taken and they didnt want to reach at #16 on Hampton. So they traded it to the Jets and moved back to #19 (plus a 4th and 6th). They discussed moving back again but instead took the 3rd highest guy on their board still available in Hampton. Worked out pretty well.

Colbert also moved up in the 2nd Rd and selected Kendrell Bell. Draft day trades in the 1st and 2nd round are somewhat rare for the Steelers but Colbert placed heavy value on that NT/ILB combo. Maybe he will be willing to wheel and deal to get what he wants at those spots over a decade later.
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