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Default Re: Mock draft 2.0 w/ a surprise pick and comps

Originally Posted by devin7558 View Post
not a bad mock

i dont care for fleener in rd1 (no surprise to you im sure) when there are prob better OL prospects and possibly hightower or others who can contribute in a NEED spot from day one

the bradham pick is my fav of yours as he is an absolute terror. but i think hes a guy who has quietly pushed his stock more into the late second round area. hes a presence on a defense and i think one of the more underrated defensive players in this draft. good eye on him.

i dont think fangupo or nic jean-baptiste will be available that late in the draft but you never know...
kitchen is a good sleeper (steelers were present at his pro day) simply because he is a pure 2 down run stuffer and kent st is nearby haha

not to bad overall
i don't think anybody worth a first pick oline will be there unless martin drops which i don't think he will ... and i'm not real high on hightower , yeah he might fit the steeler mold but i just think the game is evolving and so do maybe the steelers ...and i didn't take hightower just because i think you can get bradham later in the draft at good value

and i love the versatility fleener would give to the offense and giving ben another true weapon , plus his size for red zone ... him along with wes lyons which i think will make the team this year ... a 6'6 TE and 6'8 WR for red zone purposes

i think if you don't think bradham will be there in the 3rd you take him in the 2nd i really like the guy ... then you coulg go with brandon brooks , for the OG position in the 3rd.

yeah not sure if they'll be there at the 5th ...but you could always do BPA there with taking kitchen in the later rounds ...

it's all for fun ... lol must be nice doing this for a living though
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