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Default Re: Rumblings opening SNF game will be Steelers at Broncos

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
while a win would be great, im disappointed that we won't be getting to stick it to tebow instead. ive been itching for revenge ever since that last game and it won't be the same if the same qb isn't playing

besides I kinda like peyton, he's a qb i can respect, unlike tebow
We'll beat Denver on opening day. Even though the Manning signing looks great on paper, people are failing to realize that his health will be a major concern once hit and having a HEALTHY Mr. Harrison & Mr.Woodley to worry about coming off the edge doesn't bode too well for Manning if we are his first test. And that's not even talking about a new system and lacking a full year out of being in football shape.

I agree with the Tebow thing, though. I wanted to destroy his soul and was excited to see that Denver was on the map in 2012. That said, watch us THWART the Manning led Broncos because we will simply play a defense above the 3rd grade level.
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