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Default Re: No chance Mewelde comes back?

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
I don't see the need for a high draft pick at RB ever again. They are the most expendable players on the field now days. Most teams go with a stable of backs rather than a feature back anyway. Passing has taken over the league, plus RB's only last a few years and then they're done. They get injured all the time from the pounding they take. They take the biggest beating and make the least money in the league. That should show you how most teams value the position.
The running game is more about the commitment to it and the line in front of the back. We were as good or better at running the ball with undrafted Willie Parker as we were with 1st rounder Mendenhall. Not a knock on Mendy, it's just not the focus of this team anymore.
I agree. Its why I cant understand the mocks that have us taking a RB in the 2nd round. We have what we need and most teams have a RB by committee system anyways that we should also use.
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