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Default Re: OT Matt Reynolds -helmetless block

Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
that's a great block, and with ben scrambling all the time, we could use that hustle and never give up effort on the OL
in-line drive blocking for the running game, smarts, and effort need to be brought in...but what you said here above is a smart comment man!

traditional pass blockers arent always a great fit around a QB who is frequently (and can do so much damage) outside of the pocket. OL prospects who can move and get to blockers in space and buy that little bit of extra time can equal huge plays for the steelers!

ive seen this kid mocked lower than the 4th quite a bit but i bet he trends upward the closer to the draft we get. wouldnt mind seeing that kinda effort on the OL next season. it is needed.
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