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Default Re: The Official Mike Wallace Thread

Originally Posted by Steel Peon View Post
I'll just start by stating that I like you, and enjoy posting alongside, there you have it. But man, this is not a wiki, and there are not dedicated links to each and every player, and/or aspect of Steelers science/status. This is a forum.......something that intrinsically revolves around current events and hot rumors, aka, the latest videos and articles from the God holy mother of And, if says it, after tons of poasters here preach it, then it's pretty satisfying to those of the same mindset to see their thoughts in print. Which leads me to say, believe it or not, I'd rather come here and discuss these subjects that the NFL has decided to highlight, and discuss whether or not they consist of valid points, with you people "my fellow Steeler fans," RATHER than "converse" with the piss ant drool mongers that post on anyone fault me?

But that being said, headlines are what grab me (and apparently, a lot of other people), and I really appreciate not having to sift through "official" threads, like this one, that are up to 51 pages long, and that's where we're at. I mean seriously, how many of you guys enter a forum and automatically go to the "official blah blah blah thread," that's going on 50 pages long, and think you're going to get current news? I personally want to discuss the latest news concerning what the head football geeks (of any big sports news organization) think about members of out team. They said the same thing about Arians, and they said the same thing about Mendenhall, so I gotta pay this stuff a little more attention than the usual schlock.

You guys might be tired of hearing about Wallace's status, and might get a bit of overlap and redundancy, but I don't think you're going to diminish the subject by compartmentalizing everything Mike Wallace related into one thread. It really seems kinda dull that offense's your forum and you can do what you want.

I also think that this move is nonsensical. individual player threads are counter productive and very difficult to navigate when having discussions. I give the creation of this shit a thrumbs down.
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