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Default Hi from England.

Hi guys,

I thought I'd just introduce myself so here goes, my name Is Jordan as you can probably see from my username sorry I'm not more creative. I'm from a small city in England called Preston.

The reason I have joined this site is because I have a growing interest in the Steelers, now people may think oh he's only here because of how successful we have been but I can ensure you this is not the case. During World War 2 my Great Auntie met a pilot who was from the US, Pittsburgh to be precise and believe it or not they went on to get married and have children. Even though they both lived in Pittsburgh my Aunt came back to Preston to have her children. As her children have grown up they have had children and I'm amazed I have this massive family over there who I have only met on a handful of occasions even though I speak to them all the time on Facebook. Because of them I have really got into the NFL last season more than ever.

I have to admit though I have a very basic understanding of the game so far, I play madden on xbox though which is kind of helping me out. So I would appreciate it if I ever needed any help if you guys could give me a hand.

My main love is football but not your kind our kind. (Soccer) as you call it I play it and support my local team Preston North End who are currently two leagues below the Premier League after being relegated last year :( .

My favourite player is Rashard Mendenhall, why? To be honest I don't really know I always do really well with him on madden so that's how it came about, silly I suppose but hey ho!

So that's me anyway look forward to getting to know everyone.

Lets Go Steelers!
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