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Default Re: Steelers select Donta- - -

if he slipped to us @ 24 that probably means the majority of the 1st round worthy OL have been picked as well as the two ILB's.

his stock is slipping now from over analysis of his play imo. you cant look at his stats and judge his impact on a game just the same that you cant say hes gonna be good based on his combine numbers. early in the year nearly all the scouts agreed he was the best NT prospect around. i think he still is. when you watch his tape you shouldnt foucus on just him. look at the two OL that are walling him off as a reason he doesnt get into the backfiled and rack up more tackles.

all he has to do is command a double in the NFL to be worth our top pick. i think he can do that easily with some good coaching.
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