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OK, here is my mock after much deliberation, and yes I have stolen some great ideas from posts on the website and others which I dont purport to be my own, ie. Justin Criner in the 5th, love him or McNutt.

This is my virgin post so go easy, but living in Dallas I spend a lot of time reading and listenig to podcasts to avoid hearing about Jerry World!

1st- Cordy Glenn, G/OT, Clemson - OL flexibility and road grader nastiness makes this an easy choice if he is still on the board, can start at LG or RG this year and provide insurance should Colon go down again at RT

2nd- Alameda Ta’amu NT (Washington) – Flying under the radar, but a perfect fit for what the Steelers expect out of a NT, starts behind McClendon to open the season but will be in the mix or even start by week 8 depending on Hampton’s status

3rd- Mychal Kendricks, ILB, Nevada - The Steelers don’t normally place a 1st round value on a ILB and they won’t this year, his skill set is a perfect fit, will play behind Foote and Sylvester next year but could compete for a starting job in 2013

4th- Isiah Pead, RB, University of Cincinnati – With Mendy starting the season on the PUP most likely the Steelers really need some depth at RB, his punt return abilities will also allow the Steelers to move Antonio Brown out of that role to limit injury. With nothing proven behind Redman I wouldn’t be surprised to see them spend a 3rd or 4th round pick on a RB. Dwyer and Clay have little game experience and while Baron Batch had a great camp last year, well it was training camp a year ago and a surgery ago

5th- Justin Criner, WR, AZ – Red Target anyone? Even if Wallace stays we only have 3 WR under contact, they may even draft 2

6th- Derek Wolfe, DE, Cincinnati – Another player who may not drop this far, but the Steelers have shown interest, they will need some depth at DE with the retirement of Smith

7th- Trenton Robinson, FS, Michigan St. – A raw talent that the Steelers have shown interest in, Mundy and Allen don’t hold a lot of promise for the future, may have a shot of making the roster if he is a capable backup and can shine on special teams

7th- Case Keenum, QB, Houston – Leftwich may follow Red Zone Arians to Indy, taking a flyer here but could be a solid #2 QB quickly, a year or 2 behind Batch will help the learning curve

7th- George Bryan, TE, NC State – Need some camp bodies with Saunders starting the season on a 4 game suspension, will Haley utilize the TE more? If so I wouldn’t be surprised to even see the Steelers trade back in round 1 and pick up Fleener late 1st or early 2nd round

7th - Randy Bullock - K - Texas A&M - Sean ”Po Sweezy”, enough said
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