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Please dont contact me if you are just going to be hateful and rude and insulting when you dont like my prices....I guess cause i am saying i am only selling to help my family means i am suppose to be happy with selling for whatever amount people are willing to give me...I say that i am only selling to help my family so people know i am a true fan and not a dealer.Thats the only reason i said that,not to feel sorry for me as its tough every where.....I am sorry but it doesnt make much sense to sell something that cost me $800 for $100,and doesnt make me a scam or a "rouse" if i am looking to get back what i have into a item...Dont like my prices,thats fine...But you dont have to send rude emails in return......I am not asking for anyones opinions,so keep it to yourself if you dont believe me or like me.....
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