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Didn't we draft how many OLB these past couple years ... Chris Carter last season as being the last to try to replace that pass rushing edge ... Either what you guys are saying is you don't trust Colbert as much as you make it out to be ... or that eventually with taking like 2 OLB a year finally were bound to hit one ... i don't like that approach ... either one of them OLB has to step up ... or we stop wasting picks on them ....

Now i do think there that much of a difference in guards after Zietler, that's just my opinion though ... and that is are most glaring need of the line Guard and then Tackle will help get back to that "ground and pound" you guys so desperately want ...

"and he has plenty of ability. Zeitler added a significant amount of lean mass in his college career and used it well. According NFL Draft Report statistics, he led college football with 142 knockdown blocks and had 33 blocks that resulted in touchdowns"

"According to statistics by The Draft Report, Massie had 102 knockdown blocks last year, tops among tackles in the tough SEC. In his last 29 games Massie blocked for 14 different individual 100-yard rushing games, including two over 200."

Now that's a right side of the line i don't mind running behind for years to come ... Goal line problems wala Fixed because you actually got linemen you can run behind and trust to get push

and i can see Keuchly but not Hightower ...we'd be spending a first round pick on basically a replacement of Harrison ... i do not see Hightower playing ILB he cannot cover good enough... ala at alabama them moving him around on 3rd down just so he can rush the passer ... and with teams now passing more and more on 1st and 2nd down i just don't want to have that liability in the middle ... and i would like to think Colbert can actually scout and have a good OLB in waiting ...

and i love Marcus Dowtin ILb from north alabama ... every thing im reading talking about first round talent but like 5th round pick... and has the speed to cover TE and RB ...

just my 2 sense
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