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Default Re: New mock draft vs2.0

Originally Posted by devin7558 View Post
silatolu is shooting up draft boards recently, the steelers rarely select based on what scouts common opinoins of players are. thats my only justification. i think he will be selected late in the 1st or early 2nd and will go before zeitler. he is a very good prospect.

I do not see them reaching for a NT this season (taamu is a reach and may even be gone) when there are 8+ 1st rd type NTs in next years class that will tumble down the board no matter where we pick and i didnt want to select Josh Chapman with a 3rd rounder (his draft stock is ALLLL over the place). Mcclendon, Hood and Hampton can hold that spot down for one season longer or mine some talent out of UFA's for camp.

ILB is an issue but Kuechly, Hightower, Kendricks, James Michaela Johnson and others are likely to be picked relatively early 1-3. #1 priority is the OL imo. I just used BPA on this mock and filled needs with my first 2 and my 7th rounders. You get quality football talent across the board drafting like this.

Might make some changes for when my article is published in the paper
I disagree. I think they will look for a NT because after Hampton who is recovering from a serious injury, we really don't have that much. McClendon isn't a typical NT. He did good in his action last year I admit but I think we need one. Hood? The guy is DE more so than a NT and I expect him to be the starting DE alongside Keisel. We'll see what happens. Again I appreciate your efforts because I am not knowledgible about college ball but I just don't see your mock happening. We do need o-line help, I agree.
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