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Default 2012 Final Mock Draft

1. Mike Adams, OT
2. Kelechi Osemeli, OG
3. Tank Carder, ILB
4. Nick-Jean Baptiste, NT
5. Chris Rainey, WR
6. Randy Bullock, K
7(a). Matt Merletti, S
7(b). Jarret Lee, QB
7(c). Chad Diehl, FB
7(d). DeAngelo Tyson, DT

Rounds 1-2: Adds versatility and quality to our o-line.
Round 3: Carder is a playmaker with the speed to play ILB in this defense and he has expressed his interest to play in Pittsburgh. What more could you want?
Round 4: Only question with this pick is if Baptiste will fall this low
Round 5: Rainey was a hit or miss player in Florida but he caused mismatches on offense and is one of the best special teams players in college. That and the Tomlin era love former Gator players.
Round 6: Suisham has just enough leg strength... to stand up. I cant make 40+ yard field goals either, but that's an expectation in the NFL.
Round 7(a): Merletti has the ability to go much earlier but 2 major surgeries in the past year make him hardly draftable, but a 7th round pick isn't much of a gamble when you have 4 of them.
7(b): When I looked through the late prospects for qb it came down to Lee and Jacory Harris. Easy pick there, Harris gets complacent or flustered in nearly half of his games and rely on a great core of receivers to bail him out.
7(c): Haley likes to impose his will in the ground game, and so do the Rooneys. To do that consistently you need a fullback. One who has lined up in the backfield before. None of that h-back bulls*** they try to feed you. Diehl is not much of a receiver, but he is a hardnosed run blocker that pushes piles.
7(d): Tyson would add some depth at DE and possibly NT if needed.
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