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Default Re: 2012 Final Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
Mike Adams - Really don't like taking a boom or bust guy in the first. A Bob Massie or Mitchell Schwartz in the 2nd might be a safer pick.

Osemele - could play RT as well as G. Nice versatile guy. Could never really be a great pulling G however.

Tank Carder - we need ILB help and in the 3rd why not.

Baptiste -should be there unless the Raiders get silly and take him in the 3rd. Would like to get Baptiste later.

Rainey - love the guy and round 5 would be nice for what he brings.

Randy Bullock - would be great. Would be nice if we could get him in the 7th but the 6th would be playing it safe and almost guaranteeing him a roster spot.

7th round guys not to familiar with but DL depth is a good idea, and looking at a FB couldn't hurt but still believe the Steelers are sticking with the H-back.

Of course you can't get everything in a draft, but I do believe we will take a true WR, and CB for sure. And a very good possibility of a RB as well.
I disagree with you on Osemele and he has the look and ability to be a pulling guard and I haven't seen any tape that shows me otherwise. I strongly doubt a runningback will happen at all, but I certainly could see a CB. Runningback is thin as ever this year and Pead and Miller would be the only feasible options. In Redman I trust though with a little Batch and Dwyer sprinkled on top!
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