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Default Re: Final Mock w/ Wallace trade

i believe you try to pay them guards ... why keep trying to rely on the same musical chairs Olinemen ...the same undrafted ppl the same ppl that nobody wants and we can keep signing to 1 year deals for cheap ...

yes i know some times you can hit on a UFA but at the Line i want top players not trying to hit one ...

But i wouldn't mind taking Zeitler out and putting Kendricks in , i would still be happy...but don't sleep on Marcus Dowtin the kid has first round talent and if he stayed at Georgia i think he would of had a very productive year with his workout would be a 1-2nd round pick ... youtube and the person is ShiffSportsMarketing ... and watch some UNA Game Highlights (closest to game film i can find) and watch how much number 38 makes plays and is around the ball

and Ryan Miller out and putting in Michael Smith out of Utah State for a speed back ...actually the more i read about Miller if i redid this i would put Michael Smith here ...or another Speed back... or even a backup QB...somebody like Josh McGregor is a really good division 2 prospect

but i wouldn't spend like a 3rd round on a change of pace running back ... and why does it matter if they can't run outside , teams knew Redman and Dwyer couldn't run outside but yet every time they got in the game they were very productive, with no Fullback and a much worse Oline...both would be fixed with this draft ...teams knew the Bus couldn't run outside that didn't stop him from being productive ... and keep pounding in the middle with 2 very power backs to keep our backs fresh ... and wear the D out so in the 4th it's much easier to do anything
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