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Default Re: Bengals?

I still don't see where we're having a bad off season, besides the issue with Wallace. The person who wrote this article is missing a few points. Losing Farrior, Hoke and Ward is not going to hurt us. If anything, it's helping us get younger and better. I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers remain on top of the AFC north like always. Yeah call me bias or whatever, but The Bengals are a team that is improving drastically, don't get me wrong, but not a team that looks to knock a veteran team like the steelers down so quickly. It's not all about what great talents you sign, it's more about how you use them. Apparently, not to many learned about the Eagles last year. On paper the Bengals are looking good, let's see if they can keep it that way. The Ravens on the other hand, Well Joe Flacco, Enough said
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