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Default Offensive depth for Steelers leading into the Draft

Steelers Offensive depth going into the draft with short assessments of player's reliability or potential. If I have another sick day at home I will try to do the defense one day.

O-line-------------10 guys

Gilbert -coaches say projects better on the left side. Some growing pains though.
Legursky G/C -injury prone so far. Last year of contract, will never be an all pro.
Pouncey C
Foster G/T -so far holding down the right side. Injuries not a factor
Colon -more debate about this guy then anyone else. Injury prone to say the least. 2 years without a lot of reps. High salary.

Trai Essex G/T/C -valuable for his gameday backup ability at all positions.
John Malecki G -listed at 298lbs. light for a guard
Chris Scott T/G -could advance another year here
Trevis Turner T -some hope he can play.
Jonathan Scott T -the backup swing tackle on gameday. could soon be replaced with the drafting of any OT.

No doubt we need a more reliable and better player at LG. I don't like Colon so in my mind we need a guy we could draft this year and have him either win the RT job outright or be a swing tackle and get Jonathan Scott off the team.

QB-------------------------------4 guys
Ben Roethlisberger
Charlie Batch -one more year.
Tory Smith -will do enough to make team.
Jerrod Johnson -must really impress to crack that top 3.

4 arms in camp probably translates into no QB taken in this year's draft.

RB----------------------------5 guys then maybe 6
Isaac Redman -the season starter
Jonathan Dwyer -lay off the late night snacks dude!
Jonathan Clay - would like to see more of his power running.
Baron Batch -a camp favorite with lots of hope but still not even a pre-season game.
Chad Spann - good college resume, but he like all the rest are slower backs.
Mendenhall - will not contribute much. if he does come back, will be very tentative going into final year before free agency.

All healthy are power backs, but the team looking at fast running backs translates into a pick at RB and a infusion of speed. Think Thunder and Lightning.

H-back----------------------------3 guys
Will Johnson -liked his youtube stuff. Real good hands. Let's hope he sticks.
Jamie McCoy - could advance and win the job.
David Johnson -dropped balls in important games against Bal. and Den. Lets not wait for the next mistake.

I think we are settled here, but did like Emil Igwenagu as a H-back candidate in the draft. A fullback is not out of the question as he is basically an H-back anyway, but let's make sure he can catch as we don't want to lose that dimension to an offensive attack.

TE---------------3 guys, with maybe 4?
Heath Miller
Leonard Pope -surprise how many penalties and mistakes this guy makes.
Weslye Saunders - honest mistake with meds. Should not give up on him, but he will need to be awesome in camp to hold a spot through suspension.
Wes Lyons -listed as a TE. Sure doesn't look like a TE. Could stick as the 6th WR and be used like a TE in passing and red zone.

-Looks like a TE will be picked at some point (And I don't think it will be Fleener in the first) or signed as an UDFA to at least have the bodies in camp.

WR-----------------------------------------------10 guys (a lot)
Mike Wallace (assuming no tender and no holdout or no trade)
Antonio Brown
Emanuel Sanders
Jerricho Cothery

Tyler Beiler -4.39 40 time! 40.5 verticle jump! from that juggernaut Bridgewater.
David Gilbreath - 169lbs? KR but can't find much more.
Juamorris Stewart - 6'1" 205 age 25 college southern Slow 4.58 40 time.
Derrick Williams -Penn st. Maybe the most promising dark horse. Slow 4.65, 40
Jimmy Young -small school guy.
Wes Lyons -listed as TE above but probably would still take a receiver spot if making the team.

Lots of bodies. Perfectly feasible idea to think one would make the 5th spot and maybe use the 6th for another position or Wes Lyons a TE/WR hybrid. Not life or death to take a receiver in the draft as I once thought but they probably should still take a good one this year as the crop is excellent and Wallace will be gone eventually. Late round guys even in the 7th still would be better then what's in camp now after the top 4.

So in the end G, OT, RB are the most crucial, TE, WR would be next with FB being a bonus and QB only if they can land a solid #2 for the future. That's why this year's draft is crazy and this is only on offense. They could do anything any round.
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