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Default Re: Offensive depth for Steelers leading into the Draft

I agree with most of that, except a few things. First off, we have Starks at OT also, he is recovering well and made a huge improvement to this line when returning last year. IMO we don't need a high pick at tackle, I'm comfortable with Gilbert and Colon starting until Starks is 100%. I would think unless they intend on cutting Starks, that they will get a tackle or two in the 7th round as a backup and see how it goes. I could see the argument for going for a tackle, that's just my opinion. The thing I completely disagree with is RB, RB is probably thee very last position we need to be looking at. We will have a lot of RB's on the roster and Redman has shown he can carry the load, we don't need a RB. We need a NT, ILB and Guard. IMO Guard is the most urgent, we need a starter this year. The tough option would be is if Hightower or a starting quality NT is available in the 1st round and so is a starting Guard. According to a lot of "commentators" there will be starting offensive lineman in round 2 which makes it real tempting to go for ILB, especially if Hightower is available, but what if we don't draft a starting Guard first round and there's not one there in the 2nd? Tough predicament.
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