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Default Re: Interactive Mock Draft 2012 - Steelers are On the Clock

Originally Posted by Dalarin View Post
I expect Cincinnati to get Miller and the Ravens already have Rice and a run outside the tackles would kill Hightower. You think that will help?
What exactly do you want from a ILB? I've got news for you: with a fake into the middle, and an untouched running backrunning off tackle, theres not an ILB in the league thats going to stop those guys, so if that's your "well, he can't do that" moment, then I don't buy it. Runs outside the tackle are what we pay outside linebackers for, isn't it?
I like Hightower, and I won't make any bones about it. If we draft him, I'll be happy. If he goes before our pick, then I'll be unhappy. If we pass on him and he's there, then I'll believe that the Steelers front office has a lot of faith in Sylvester, and they don't see that as as much of a need. I can live with that. Thats why they get paid to make those decisions, and why the Steelers are in the playoffs almost every year.
I understand why people want o-line. And I consider Cordy Glenn a great choice (he was already taken), Jonathon Martin a good choice (he was already taken). I don't consider Zietler a first round talent. And people who want him, or Silotulu, or Konz, or whomever, are placing need over BPA way more than the Steelers will. And Adams has potential bust written all over him.
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