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Default Re: OFFICIAL Schedule release thread

Can't say I'm crazy about this draw. The beginning part of the schedule is pretty tough: 4 out of 6 road games, a tough game against the Eagles, two trips out west in three weeks including walking into a possible Manning buzzsaw depending on his level of play and the energy of the crowd.

Playing Baltimore twice in three weeks is bad for a number of reasons, not least the fact the two most physically taxing games of the year are so close together. Would have made more sense for the NFL too to space them out by a couple of months.

Bye week is too early for an older team. I would've liked for our rest to come in November like it did last year. Plus, I don't want to have my Steelers taken away from me just three weeks after getting them back finally!

On the whole, not an easy schedule. Not that predicting a team's success based on the previous season is foolproof, but going to New York and Dallas won't be easy, nor will beating the Ravens, Chargers and Cowboys back-to-back-to-back be. That could be a killer stretch, followed by Cincy, who may regress this year but they also may stay tough.

Never been crazy about the Thursday night games either, especially not so early in the season.

At any rate, this will be interesting. As others have said, remember '08 - that schedule was brutal, and it bore arguably our best team of the past 15 years.
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