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Default Re: Why Willie Colon is still a Steeler....

Originally Posted by truesteelerfan View Post
Geeze - OK, I wasn't actually talking about the physical difference of a few feet for a sack vs. a false start - Yes, you are all correct, in full detail a false start is not as bad, setting us back only 5 yards as opposed to 7 - and it keeps our QB from being hit...BUT...What about if it is 3rd and inches - now its 3rd and long - not all false starts happen on a play when Ben would have even dropped back to pass. He has to THINK, he's physically very strong - which is needed to defend against the pass rush, but if he's not disciplined enough to wait for the ball to be snapped, he can hurt us more often than just not giving up pressures.

Where were all you Colon supporters when his agent was claiming he was one of the best tackles in the game and should be paid accordingly - it sounds like you now all agree with him.
BUT... What if we get that 1st down and then Kemo decides to jump on top of the pile? Then it's 3rd and 16... you could do this what if stuff all day long.

Point is, Colon doesn't have this long laundry list of penalities like people make it out to be. Even Michael Oher, who I think is pretty good, had 4 false starts and 5 holds last year.
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