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Default Re: Steeler Baby names

I have a girlfriend of 6 years and we're starting to get to that point where we're thinking about starting our own family the next couple years. We decided that "Troy Robert" was going to be a name for our boy if we do indeed have one (Robert is the name of my passed away Granfather and it runs in the family.)

I just like that name TROY to begin with, then I thought of Polamalu and I liked it even MORE, lmao. When we tell people that, their first reaction is "Like Troy Polamalu? FIGURES!" lmao but my girlfriend steps in and says "We just like that name to begin with!"

As for a unique name, how about Dawson? (Recent H.O.F'er.) Or even Art. Abram was Bettis's middle name. You can do things like that as well.
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