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Default Re: Final Final Mock

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I like what you have. Still not entirely sold on Carder that high, or that he could be a guy to play ILB in a year for us, but I generally like it.

I also was a huge fan of Potter in the past, but the fact that he's never put on the bulk in the past few years concerns me. Its nitpicking, but I think Kevin Koger TE from Michigan might be a good 5th round pick.

Overall, I would be pleased if we got Osemele, Brooks, Potter, Fangopu. Osemele and Brooks could be great guard combos, or Osemele could kick out to RT if Colon is gone in a year or 2. Eventual O line of Gilbert, Brooks, Pouncey, Foster, Osemele would be nice in a couple years.
I would take Carder 110 times out of 100 if he fell past 3. I consider him a 3rd solely because he is rated so low. I can't find enough flaws for him to be picked later than 3rd though. Simply put I like him in the 3rd and would only pick different if we grabbed 2 ILB prospects before him.
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