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Default I mark this year...The Hyphen Draft

For two reason, Dont'a Hightower and Alameda Ta'amu

If we draft these two guys we will continue the tradition of our ability to remain a Top 5 defense year in and year out.

Hightower would spell foote for half a year and I believe fully take over, not only did he run the top ranked bama defense basically what we play in the nfl but he is a dominate run stopping ILB.

Ta'amu we would have to take in round 2. I know he is to project round 3 but I don't think he would last till then. Sit be hide hampton and steve m. for a year and when Hampton good and done he will be ready to step in with stevey playing 3rd passing situations. In this video he in dominate on everyplay
. Hes a big strong man who can take on double teams and collapse the pocket.
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