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Default Re: Nose Tackles with Flaws aplenty

this guys got flaws so maybe they should skip him....

Negatives... Shorter than ideal and this causes problems when trying to fill the rush lanes and the center gets assistance in blocking him out...Can push the pocket, but seems to lack the closing burst needed to get to the quarterback consistently...His size could be a problem in a two-gap system...While he delivers punishing hand swipes in closed quarters, he can get reckless while operating in space...Does not possess sustained speed, working better in the short area...Arms are shorter than ideal (31 ˝-inch length)... Needs to lose some bulk to increase his stamina.
oh wait...too late...thats fat snacks scouting report coming out of texas. i guess he overcame his hieght and short arms...

the point is very few players coming out of college , with the exception of some top 3 picks, have a list of negatives assigned to them by the "experts". other wise everybody would be NFL ready out of the box. thats why the interview process is tricky. they got to find out how "coachable" a player is. all the physical talent in the world won't help a hard headed undisciplined player that bucks the system (see albert haynesworth ).
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