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if its perry or any OLB leave them at that position and move worilds inside. i dont think he's proven much at this point. not enough anyways.

im not high on washington @ guard either so just plug in any OT/OG type in that 3rd rd area. maybe mitchell schwartz or the like. someone who is very solid but unspectacular. theres value in this area of the draft. so much so that it can allow a team to select a luxury player.

i do not think lamichael james is dexter mcluster. a little less speed but hes tougher, stouter frame, has great vision and can fit a number of roles from day 1 (return kicks, 3rd down back, change of pace for speed) and he could REALLY make teams pay for over commiting to blitzes or double coverage down the field assuming 17 suits up for the regular season.

a more efficient running game will help balance the offense, that stands to put ben on his ass less and the defense on its ass more. outside of josh chapman falling to us in one of the later rounds i dont see a NT capable of being a cornerstone in our 3-4 anywhere in this draft. Taamu, Fangupo, kitchen....7th rd prospects. its a crap shoot at that position.

my scenario is just a model of what if it goes that way:

1. edge rusher (upshaw, mercilus, perry, mclellin)
2. running back (wilson, miller, james, polk)
3. OL (schwartz, mosely, potter, washington, bergstrom)

then use picks 4-7c to infuse some need areas with new talent. maybe focus on finding your new "chris hoke" this year instead of your casey hampton. NT's a plenty in next years draft.

personally i would love:

1. Shea Mclellin (this kid is seriously underrated in most mocks)
2. LaMichael James
3. Mitchel Schwartz
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