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Default Re: what if?......

there is no worilds talk or rumor circulating around town. i heard this on sirius radio yesterday and am hearing it here now.

this all comes from steelersdepot, pulling a wild hair out of his ass, suggesting it could happen, and writing a blog article about it.

now people are in a frenzy speculating about it. (pat kirwan and tim ryan didnt write it off completely when a caller asked if it was possible).

just like nick perry. i didnt see a single person mocking him to the steelers until i read steelersdepot mock this morning.

now i see people who were so high on hightower, scrapping the idea and penciling in perry.

dave is a damn good blogger who is an excellent source of research and information.

but ultimately he is just speculating just like us all (he's been high on fleener for weeks and finally came to his senses).
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