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Default 10 Surefire Bust + Over Valued Prospects

Here we go Steeler nation ! I can't wait for later tonight to welcome the lastest edtion of steeler nation to the team ! I was bored this morning so I did a little write up of over vauled and draft bust for this draft. It's a nice read and I did it for your guys enjoy in getting ready for the draft let me know whatcha think ! Hope everyone has a great day !

1. Dontari Poe DT/NT Memphis
*Zero production in college, almost non existent on tape, a no show in most games
*Was considered at least a late 2nd round pick before workouts. Classic case of the work out warrior
*Compare Cox and Poe- Cox had 56 tackles, 15.5 for loss 5 sacks in the SEC
- Poe had 33 tackles, 8 for loss, 1 sack in conference USA C'mon man !!!!!!!
*Doesn't play very hard, Doesn't show any effort for being that big and fast, No determination, No desire, No want to, The only time he played with passion was at the combine for that check
* Think Vernon Gholston

2. Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A M
*Struggled with accuracy, particular with short slants and hitches
*Not ready to start in NFL, like gabbert last year he needs time to develop and simply wont get that time in Miami
*The lack of o-line in Miami will get him murdered and will impede his devolpment severely
*Not a impressive arm, lacks the elite strength you would expect a top ten pick to have
*Highest ranked defense he faced was SMU at #40. Lets do a comparison Brandon Wheedan threw the ball only 33 times more yet had 1000 more yards, 2 less INT, and 8 more TD Passes
*Can't play in the clutch, when the pressure is high he is at his worst

3.Brian Quick WR App State
*Lacks Fluid hips
* Will he be able to separate in NFL?
*Looks out of place on the field
*Hard transition for WR to NFL, even harder when you lack some of the natural skills and x that be 100 coming from a small school

4.Mike Adams Tackle Ohio State
*Off field issues show he lacks maturity necessary at the next level
* Failed a drug test at the combine shows you how stupid the kid is. You know you getting tested yet you don't care enough to just stop smoking weed for a month, instead he jeapordizes his entire future to get high *Red Flag x 100*
*Very Inconsistent I repeat very Inconsistent. Good games then terrible games
*Seems he lacks interest in football by the way he takes games off
*Very raw , not a guy your just going to plug in day 1
*Doesn't show good football knowledge, he seems lost sometimes

5.Quinton Coples DE North Carolina
*You would be drafting on potential more then production, always a mistake
*Work ethic questions, seemed to not play as hard against better competition
*Easily taken out of the game with double teams
*Doesn't hold ground against the run, simply not a run defender at all
*Doiesn;'t use his hands well, he used his raw athletism in college so that doesn't transfer well to the NFL where hand fighting is a big part of the game
*Allot of his sacks came against lower tier teams 4 of his 7 sacks came against James Madison and Duke, while better teams took him out of the game

6.Mark Barron Safety Alabama
*The Last few years the nfl has moving away from in the box safeties who aren't great in coverage. Picking Barron would be going against what the league has been moving towards
*Not good in man coverage
*Average Speed
*Misses allot of open field tackles, takes bad angles, and lacks explosiveness
*Not fluid in his transitions and stiff in his hips

7.Michael Brockers DT LSU
*1 dimensional player
*I belive he will be a good solid player in the NFL because he his great at defending the run, has a good pad level holds his ground, and is a good tackler
*No Pass rush moves to speak of
*Isn't a explosive playmaker more just a solid player
*Great run stuffer
*Only one year as a starter so has room to grow but not allot to rate him on. A bit of a mystery
*lacks lateral quickness

8.Shea McClellin DE/3-4OLB Boise State
*Has flown up draft boards into the 1st round which is way to high
*Not very athletic, stiff hips, bad change of direction
*The biggest flaw is he doesn't keep blockers away from his body with his very short arms at 32 3/4 inches now couple that with his severe lack of upper body strength with only 19 reps at the combine he will be getting pushed around allot in the NFL. I don't see how he will be able to rush the passer or play the run what so ever. I don't see how he is going in the first run. He is 100% guarennte bust
*Doesn't have athleticism to cover in open space as a 3-4 OLB
*limited upside and a huge project, isn't close to playing right now

9, Kendall Wright WR Baylor
*Very Slow for being a speed receiver with a 4.6 4o yard dash at the combine
*Productive but won't be a #1 in the NFL
*Has to learn NFL style routes which he didn't run at Baylor
*Will be a good player just not a top tier #1 you would expect being a 1st round pick, would like him more towards the end of round 2 to high round 3

10.Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State
Surprise !!!!! Bit of a shocker huh?
*I do believe he will be a very good player, a very productive player in the NFL. The comparisons to TO to me just make no sense. I can see how people can say that but TO is a far better WR then Blackmon will be. He doesn't have the size or break away speed that TO had in his prime. Blackmon is everything you want mentally in a football player. He plays very hard, breaks tackles, and doesn't mind running the dirty routes diva WR's don't want to run. Doesn't have many flaws I can see in his game. He won't be a bust but the reason he is on this list is because he won't be the elite elite top tier 1 like Calvin Johnson, Larry fitz, and Andre Johnson, he will be in the next class of WR's. He just lacks the elite size and speed the elite of elites have. He will be a #1 even a top tier #1 just not on the level of Andre or Calvin Johnson people are making him out to be. To me he is a more talented Anquan Bolden. Justin Blackmon is Anquan Bolden version 2.0 !
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