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Default Ravens, St. Louis, Cleveland get Screwed

I loved this draft, this year. Not only because of Decastro, but what happened to some of our rivals and other teams.

First the Browns having to give up 3 picks (4th, 5th, 7th) just to move up one spot to prevent the Bucs from selecting Trent Richardson. That sucks.

Then the Ravens. The Patriots move up behind the Steelers to select Donta Hightower and then with the Ravens I'm sure ready to pick Nick Perry because they need a OLB badly have the Packers select Perry. What do the Ravens do? They immediately trade out of the first round. The run on pass rushers must have shocked the ravens along with even Zeitler going to Cincy. They still could get a Peter Konz or a Stephen Hill and look good but I'm sure they were looking OLB or Hightower. first and I'm sure they tried to trade up but failed.

The Bungals traded down and got an extra 4th but lost Decastro and took Zeitler instead. Only a classic Bungals error could help us land a David Decastro.

Then the Rams. Trade down from 2 to 6 to draft Blackman. They lose Blackman to Jacksonville, Kalil to the Vikings, and Claiborn to Dallas. Then you know when they traded back to 12 they were thinking Fletcher Cox would be there but they lost him to Philly who traded up ahead of them. Then they got Michael Brockers who I'm sure is good but can't be who they wanted.
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