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Default Re: Ravens, St. Louis, Cleveland get Screwed

i thought the Rams had a bad night, which i thought was surprising, i thought they would have been much better prepared than they seemed.
The Ravens were indeed a of their plans was to try and trade up to pick over us and get Dant'a Hightower...they can't get that done and then NE trades up and steals Hightower. Ouch.

The Browns on the other hand, i don't really see them as a loser. Richardson is a complete gamechanger, a downright scary threat. The place where they seem to lose a bit is at QB, they seem like deer-in-headlights....McCoy is obviously not their guy and Weedon could very well end up being the starter. They gave up a couple picks, but they wanted to make sure TB didn't do a deal with Minnesota to take Richardson. If the Browns can get Weedon to play to his potential as a franchise QB, they could once again become a very formidable opponent.
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