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Default Re: Ravens, St. Louis, Cleveland get Screwed

Originally Posted by 67 calsteel View Post
cbrunn is right.The Rams did not get screwed!The could take
33 Martin offensive tackle
39 Randle wide reciever
45 jenkins cornerback
3rd round brooks or washington offensive guard
4th round McNutt or boyles wr

you now have give Bradford weapons to throw to and people to protest him
Every one of those picks is questionable and is not a sure fire player. There are only 6 true blue chip players in this draft and you trade away from them twice. The bottom line is their first choice was Justin Blackmon and they failed. 2nd choice was Fletcher Cox and they failed. Two teams traded ahead of you twice and stole your picks. You are being screwed. If it was their plan to trade back they would have done so before the draft. This is a fallback plan for failure.
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