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Default Re: ESPN Draft Coverage ... WTF

Last year I was told that ESPN's coverage of the first round was the most Epicest fail ever lol!! I missed it because every since I ordered direct tv, I watch most NFL stuff on NFL Network. Now that Sapp is toast and Deion is don't runway like reporting, NFL Network is great. Mayoch and Mooch vs turning to ESPN and seeing Gruden, Berman, and Kiper ewww..

I watched ESPN for about 4-5 picks. They were absolutely terrible. Gruden and Berman do not watch much college footall is boy was it evident. At least Gruden studied a little to not sound as bad. Berman sounded like a complete idot. He fumbled over his notes and seemed to care more about the frequency of picks and high drama vs the players.. Then Berman went on a streak of guessing picks again based off nothing. He is the WORST sports guy on TV. He used to me so good in the early 90's. He seriously needs to retire..

At the point that all I could hear was ""BACK-BACK-BACK-BACK-BACK" whenever Berman opened his mouth, I had to turn back to NFL Network.
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