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Default Re: ESPN Draft Coverage ... WTF

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
...What about the guys who were bypassed? They looked like complete they were not asked to the prom or something. And who said these were the guys that were the most sought after? They badly missed on this one too. Hopefully they won't do that foolish part of the show next year..


I laughed when I read this because I stayed up just to see the guys that didn't get picked in the Green Room. I know that's messed up. But those guys looked like fools. A few you could tell were very upset in sad way. Guess were moving in their seats, shaking their heads, a couple looked to almost be in tears. Not to mention, the mics got too close a few times and you could here family trying to console these guys.

To much stock is put into who these experts think are stars. There were plenty of guys drafted that people gave later round grades to. Just shows you that a lot of teams could give a damn about what these experts say. I agree that potential picks should sit in the regular crowd with minimal family escorts. Some of these undrafted guys had TONS of people with them.
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