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Default Re: ESPN Draft Coverage ... WTF

I thought the way too long hugs were kind of creepy,made me uncomfortable watching it.Kind of like the uncle or aunt that held onto the hug too long.I think the whole production has gone way over board.But thats what sports has become,its become more hollywood and less sports.I mean a red carpet,can you inmagine jack lambert having to jump threw all the hoops they make the players do now days as far as the silly production things.And the thing that made me almost turn the damn thing off,was the guys in suits walking the carpet with the "draft hats" in display cases.I mean what the heck was that? It embarress the hell out of me as a football fan they did that.
Originally Posted by ETL View Post
i can't blame the players for the hug. they are so happy they would hug anything at that point ... Goodell...Rosie o'donnell ... a tree.

its Goodell using these players to try to pimp up his rep.
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