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Default Steelers fan from England!

Hi there,

I used to live over in the USA in the Washington D.C. area, having little interest in football at the time. It wasn't til one of my teachers asked who my team was that I was first drawn to it. Not knowing any teams, I asked what hers was. She was a Pittsburgh fan, having come from the city. From that moment on, I was a Steelers fan.

After moving back to the UK, I took up football for myself as a linebacker with my local club, and earned a spot on the Great Britain Lions Junior squad. Though I never saw him play, Jack Lambert is by far and away my favorite Steeler. On the current roster, I'm a huge fan of LaMarr Woodley.

I was never really a fan of soccer, but used to play a bit of rugby. I like to think I have a fairly good overall knowledge of football, but I'm always looking to expand that. As a fan, I always like watching a good defensive performance as much as a high scoring game.

Looking forward to talking some Steeler football with you all!

Dave (DG94)
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