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Default Re: Ravens, St. Louis, Cleveland get Screwed

Originally Posted by kan_t View Post
It's their fallback plan no doubt but I don't think it's a failure. They have holes everywhere. One blue chip players won't help them much. And according to King, which is a reliable source, Brockers was one of their four targets when Blackmon was gone. I'm not even sure if Cox is really their second choice. Now they have three early picks in the second round to address other needs and there are still lots of players who are considered as first round talents (Martin, Fleener, Glenn, etc). I think they recover very well.

The biggest loser is the Seahawks. They can probably pick Bruce Irvin in the second round and they have just lost a Seahawks fan to the Steelers.
According to, Rex Ryan called the Seahawks and told them (in true Ryan fashion!) that he would have selected Irvin with the 16th pick had the Seahawks not taken him.
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