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Default Re: Flacco vs Big Baby Ben

Meanwhile, at OP's house:

I also can't believe this deadbeat comes in here and wants to trash Ben sorely on his 2005 Super Bowl and completely disregarding Ben's entire run in 2005. We rode Ben's arm to Super Bowl XL and that's as evident as it comes. Also, does this purple-fairy want to bring up the defense card? For the most of Flacco's career, especially last season, Flaccid has looked like a complete JOKE, really standing toe to toe against Sanchez on that Sunday night as to who was the worse quarterback on the field. Hell, just look at how he controlled that offense against Houston in the divisional round. Pathetic. If it wasn't for the defense forcing like, 5 turnovers against a 3rd string QB at home, then it's New England/Houston.

Makes me laugh every time that they choked everything last season, lmao. Now they are back to square one: MISSION BEAT PITTSBURGH.

Not happening son, not happening.
"I believe the game is designed to reward the one's who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play!" -Jack Lambert
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