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Default Re: Flacco vs Big Baby Ben

Flacco has led game-winning drives against the Steelers in Pittsburgh TWO years in a row. Not to mention Tebow picked apart your D and he's the most inaccurate QB in football.
big deal, tom brady is pretty dam good and our defense shut him down last year. what is ur point?

Flacco didnt choke in the playoffs last year, Evans and Cundiff did.
i can think of a few years he DID choke in the playoffs, and pretty sure it was against the steelers?

Not to mention Flacco had to throw to rookies and first year starters all season after the lockout.

Do you honestly think Big Ben was the reason the Steelers won their Superbowls? He had the lowest passer rating for a winning QB in SB history and he played like shit in the last one he played in against a team that was mostly playing their backups.
Honestly? YES. Do you remember that last minute drive against arizona in superbowl 43? im pretty sure you were watching it at home. can you remind me who was throwing the ball, leading the Steelers down the field in final minutes and threw the game winning touchdown in the corner of the endzone over 3 cardinals in front of 100,000 fans in the stands? was it flacco? because according to you, it couldnt have been BEN, he's never the reason we win superbowls...

as for the other superbowl, yea he had a pretty lousy performance, but made the plays when they mattered the most! besides, see the 4 games they played on the road leading to the SB, ben was CLUTCH.

I know Flacco had a bad season statistically this past year and that had to do with reason #2. Not an excuse, but
more excuses

Flacco has the most wins in NFL history for a QB in their first 4 years, but no Super Bowls. Not every team is going to have instant success with a young QB like the Pats and Steelers, and I can live with that. Like I said before, Peyton puts up good numbers all the time and only went to his first Super Bowl in his 9th season.
ur point is.... faggo will win a superbowl, in the year.... 2034?

I keep forgetting some of you Steelers fans think you're God's ****ing gift to the world and bitch and whine when someone tells you otherwise (Don't forget your "WE GOT 6 RINGS" excuse whenever they lose). Must still be mad that Flacco "sucks" so bad yet owned your team the last 2 years.
the only one bitchin and whining here is you dude...

oh yea,i almost forgot..... "WE GOT 6 RINGS BABY! Ben has 2! and Faggo has NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!"

brag all u want about flacco's good 2 seasons... we'll take our superbowls and our bragging rights.. thank you very much :)
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