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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

They haven't known. People on this site deny the severity of the problem even now. The suits allege that the NFL knew the dangers and hid them from the players. If true, what is that worth to those whose lives are destroyed? The league still won't mandate the best helmets, not that they prevent the majority of concussions. But they do prevent some. Education and acceptance will help too if appropriate care is taken in not returning players to the field too soon. The damage is cumulative.

I am right that you are a lawyer too. Do you handle injury cases. I've had too many brain injury cases. I have one 10 years old going to trial in June. Sure, sometimes they're worth a lot but I'd rather a good knee replacement case any day. Brain injury cases are as emotionally draining as custody battles between 2 people who should have never passed on their genes.
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