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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
They haven't known..
No question brain injuries are traumatic - but there is a difference between someone being injured by a drunk driver as opposed to jumping into the shallow end of the pool

Roger Staubach retired due to concussions after the 1979 season and Lynn Swann retired due to concussions after the 1982 season

Sports Illustrated ran an article on brain dysfunction tied to concussions in 1994

The adverse consequences of concussions arising from playing football appears to have been out there since at least the late 1970s

Exactly how much do you contend needs to be "known" before it is presumed a player played football with the knowledge he might sustain a concussion that causes long term physical harm but elected to assume that risk?

Or are you contending the NFL is strictly liable and that the players assume no responsibility for the consequences of electing to play football?
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