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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Let's call it worker's comp and OSHA compliant.
How and where to seek workers comp for NFL related injuries is another front in this war

The National Football League and the Atlanta Falcons are suing nine former Falcons players to force them to litigate workers' compensation cases in Georgia rather than in California, where dozens of current and former NFL players have sought compensation for injuries sustained from playing football....

The suit appears to be part of a broader fight between the league and the players over how and whether current and former players should be compensated for injuries incurred on the playing field. ..

According to a 2010 New York Times investigation, California is the only state where professional athletes who have played as little as a single game in the state may file workers' compensation claims for long-term injuries they may have sustained years earlier.

According the Times report, California law also bars employees from signing away certain workers' rights and their unions from bargaining them away. Those policies have prompted the players association to argue that player contracts requiring them to file workers' compensation claims in their teams' home states may be unenforceable....

But NFL attorneys have fought back, taking the players' claims to arbitration and then seeking federal judgments to enforce the owners' contentions that players' contracts require them to seek compensation in the states where the professional teams for which they played make their homes....

NFL will fight hard to keep these claims from turning into tort claims
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