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Default Re: The Mendenhall bin Laden tweets - a year later

Originally Posted by Sixburgher View Post
What "counter-terrorism" program would that have been? Bombing empty tents in Afghanistan or lobbing cruise missiles into aspirin factories in Sudan? And do you really think the planning and preparation for 9/11 started in January 2001 when Bush took office?
Originally Posted by zsheik22 View Post
For having a counter terrorism unit as you put it, it didnt do much to prevent the attacks during clintons terms. Even his secret bombings did nothing but antagonize.
If either of you can highlight ANYTHING whatsoever that the GW Bush administration did in response to the USS Cole bombing, then I will concede the argument and send you a cookie. If you give terrorists a years reprieve then they'll pull something bigger than the in point 9/11. Counter-terrorism was on the back burner when it should have been the first thing addressed. Come to think of it, what did W do for his first year in orifice anyways?
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