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Default Re: The Mendenhall bin Laden tweets - a year later

I saw a stat on espn the other day. 78 percent of pro football players have financial troubles within 2 years of retiring from the NFL. These guys are great athletes and freaks of nature as far as strength, speed and endurance. They are not the brightest bunnies in the forest. I used the to think the Steelers were exempt from all the off field crap the Ravens are notorious for, Wrong. My advice is watch the games because of entertainment value and because you are a Steelers fanatic. Not because you love and respect these guys as humans. Sure a few are stellar humans as well. I despise Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Clooney and every other Lib actor who spouts off about crap they have no business discussing. But I can now separate the person from the actor and actually enjoy their movies. I don't pay to see them but still watch. Pretty much the same in sports. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the death of someone who killed thousands of people. Best thing to happen during the obama administration. Mendy is clueless, but I still hope he recovers and contributes to SB win number 7.
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