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Default Re: NFL Concussion lawsuits

I don't think there are piles and piles of money at the end of this rainbow. The NFL is, simply, too big to lose a lawsuit like this. It will never make it to trial. Some agreement will get worked out where the retired players get care or something.

Imagine the effect of the lawsuit. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the NFL doesn't have scientists in their employ, do they? When we say they are burying the evidence, what exactly do you mean? It is certainly one thing to deny Webster's injuries and then turn around and admit to them, but that is a far cry from actively trying to bury evidence. Do we have some allegation of a cover up?

I always bristle at the contention that people flip flop and that's somehow a bad thing. I want people to flip flop, I want people to continue to research and learn new things. I want a person who isn't afraid to back down from their position upon learning something novel. If the NFL didn't see the connection with Webster and then learned something new and reversed position, I don't see the problem with that.

I'll stay out of the civil fray, that's entirely too much paperwork for me, when it gets criminal, which I suppose wouldn't be too far fetched if they are actively burying evidence, I'll have more interest.
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