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Default Re: Commentary: When will deaths of NFL players stop?

I was able to convince the Athletic Director to invest in some baseline testing software for concussions. We're a small high school, but I think we may be the only one in the area that tests all athletes (not just football, but all athletes, male and female) before the seasons start to get a baseline to make sure that no one who suffers from a concussion comes back to early.
On a related note, we did have, about 15 years ago, a player who suffered from 2nd concussion syndrom, where he got a minor concussion one week and then the next week he suffered another one, very major. Kid was out of school for two months. Talked to him about 4 weeks afterwords on the phone and it was like talking to someone through jello. Took him 5, 10 seconds to answer yes or no questions.
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