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Default Re: David DeCastro, OG, Pittsburgh Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by berkeley bradshaw View Post
Don't know where this post is going. I'm new to this thing and it looks hella Talmudic to me.

At any rate the blogs praise DeCastro but question Adams' drug use becoming a distraction. BOTH are going to do fine. Reminds me of solid OL Chuck Noll drafts of the early seventies. Jim Clack, Moon Mullins, Mike Webster, Gordon Lavelle and Jon Kolb were a dangerous blocking unit. Singlehandedly they helped get Franco and Rocky Blier a 100 yards EACH (actually 99 for Rock, but close enuf) during the Raiders' Playoff game in 1974 IN OAKLAND. Raiders were shocked and dismayed that day continually gettin beat off the ball.

I think we're getting back to that pt. And if Colon and Pauncey and step up to the plate this year, there is no excuse to at least not make it to the AFC Championship Game if not beyond.

Berkeley Bradshaw

P.S. Where is this post going anyway?
Hopefully it ends at the Super Bowl!!!
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