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Originally Posted by lancegoride View Post
whats up steeler nation i am new to this site just geting my feet wet in the Mon,Allegh,or the Ohio which ever river you subscribe to, speaking of the confluence i always get a kick out of the announcers when they bucther the names of the three rivers during a nationally televised steelers game anyway i heard that Haley wants to put a lot of no huddle in to the offence i dont care what anyone says, Ben has the final say with most of how the offence runs, will be interesting to see if the new rookie from fla. can perform in the jamal charles role as haley used him in KC also i have done some work in some of the steeler homes ive got a good plexico and troy story, no i didnt say toy story, drop me a shout so i can see how this works THANKS
Greetings, Lance! Welcome to the forum!

Yeah, I always find it funny when announcers mess something up. What's even more funny is that most of the time the announcer has either never played football, or never did any significant whilst a player

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