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Default Re: Jonathan Vilma sues Roger Goodell

Most legal experts i've heard comment on this say they don't likely see the lawsuit going very far, but what Vilma and his attorney are doing is making sure Vilma's voice gets heard and this makes a media splash.

Until the NFL releases transcripts or exact documentation of what they have, we can all speculate 'til the cows come home, but in reality, they surely have some hard evidence in hand, as they wouldn't dish out a 1-yr suspension without having anything to back it up, as they're fully aware of legal ramifications if they didn't.
If Vilma is wrong, the NFL could further embarrass him with the "proof", which could backfire on Vilma.

On the other side, the NFL is completely setting themselves up for this kind of thing with a reigning dictator and Czar, making godly decisions as though he's God himself. I figured after all the James Harrison stuff, that someone would eventually step up, take it to the next level, and not put up with it anymore. The firing back of Vilma could force the NFL to modify the ways it dishes out discipline and such.
One thing's for sure : There will without question be changes in all of these processes when its all said and done. What they will be will be interesting to see.
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