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Default Re: Wes Welker: 'The ball's in their court'

the balls in their court?
I respect Welker, but he should thank his lucky stars that he plays where he plays. This is one instance, where a player was completely "made" by the team and their QB. The fact is, he would NOT be a star anywhere else.
Now the Pats are absolutely loaded with receivers and any power of negotiating that Welker once had has been severely diminished. I see the Pats playing hardball with him now. They, like the Steelers, don't get influenced by players with big mouths who run it in the media.
Brady has more options to throw now and look for Welker's contributions to slide....although he'll still get a considerable amount of balls thrown his way this year.
He's probably shot himself in the foot at this point...he would have been better off keeping his big mouth shut and would have been better off in the long run.
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